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Struggling With Procrastination? Breakthrough That Habit Now!

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the benefits from overcoming procrastination? Who doesn’t want more peace of mind, self-confidence, and a feeling of being truly empowered in your life?


Professional business and life coaches Greg Clowminzer and Deborah Tutnauer will be discussing how to deal with overcoming the habit of procrastination.

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How To Create Positive Relationships At Work

Greg Clowminzer, San Diego Business Coach – In this video I will be sharing some coaching tip’s on how to improve your working relationships with your boss, assistants, vendors, clients, etc…

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Practicing the Mindfulness Communication Technique (MCT)

The Mindfulness Communication Technique (MCT) is based on the execution of completed communication cycles.

Communication cycles are nothing new and have been around for long time. A completed communication cycle is what makes the MCT so powerful. MCT’s are basically a formal way of communicating and relating, so that these communication cycles can come to completion. With each completed communication cycle the mind is quieted. When the mind is clear, the mind is at peace and when the mind is at peace the world is at peace too. Read more

San Diego Business Coach Talks About Mindful Leadership

Guest Post From: Small Business Trend Setters

Coach GregFor over 20 years Greg Clowminzer has been practicing coaching and considers himself to be one of the pioneers in this area. When he started there was no certification in the industry.

He studied at Coach University;  they offered the first Coaching certification training program.  It was founded by a man considered to be the grandfather of Life Coaching today, Thomas Leonard, who’s now passed away. Thomas had information that was leading the way in the field.

In 1993, Greg ended up studying with one of Thomas’s students, who mentored him when he was getting into coaching. His experience has stood the test of time, and his coaching has been his sole source of income. Greg’s background allows him to have conversations on an array of topics, he can converse on businesses, profitability, marketing all the way to the other end of the big life questions, who am I, why am I here, what’s my purpose, etc. Read more