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Best Business Practices Are Changing, Are You?

Are you following the advice of business and marketing experts to grow your business and still not getting the results you desire?   Well you may want to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. We are currently going through a major shift in consciousness and it is having a huge impact on how best practices will ultimately change the way you are doing business in a dramatic way.

It seems to me that we are coming to the end of an era that is predominately influenced by what I call masculine energy and entering a new era where feminine energy is having her way with us. Trust me this will continue to impact the way we do business for the rest of our lives.

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What is a direct experience?

What is a direct experience?

Words can not describe a direct experience because it is beyond words, symbols or conceptualization. It is beyond all the indirect methods we commonly depend on for knowing; sensing, thinking, believing, deciding, reasoning, or feeling. And yet, when a direct experience happens, it is self evident beyond certainty and doubt.

Again, enlightenment is a direct experience of the absolute Truth and the Truth is that which exists apart from our perception or conception of it.

In the case of self-enlightenment gained from using the question, “Who am I?” it means that you are in direct contact with the truth of your “I.” The previous sentence seems to suggest that there are two of you: you and your “I.” This is a result of the duality in our language and not the case in actuality. In the case of self-enlightenment you are at one with your “I” in the sense of being your true “I” consciously.

In the state of direct experience (enlightenment), there is no mental dichotomy, no subject-object duality but an at-one-ness with your self. People who have achieved a direct experience of self speak from their deepest or highest source. They no longer identify themselves as only being their body, emotions, thoughts, mind or the roles they may play in life. Such people speak from themselves without having to refer to their past thoughts or the thoughts of others. A person who has had a direct experience of self increasingly sees each moment in life as a new and unique experience and does not tend to be stuck in a limited way of seeing things.

Enlightenment Intensive Meditation Retreat

If you have attended an Enlightenment Intensive with Greg Clowminzer before, then you know how dramatically they can change your life. In this focused environment, you can discover an entirely new perspective, a new way to see and interpret your experience, a new depth and breadth of consciousness itself. Indeed, as one recent participant told us:

“The experience of being at the intensive has shown me that there is a completely different way to live from a completely different motivation. Being at the intensive has enforced my understanding of who I actually am, and THE WAY to live my life.” — P.B.

Dear Friends,

Every one of us desires to be awake. Every one of us desires to live from deeper authenticity. We all want to be more real as well as to have relationships that are more real.

Who Are You?
Beyond your job, education, possessions, cultural background, sex, religion, conditioning and personal history…

What Are You?
Beyond all your current understanding, memories, knowledge and spiritual background…

Even though ‘Answers’ to all these questions can be found in the sacred texts of the world, the ‘Answers’ are like the menu at a restaurant – the menu is not the meal! The menu is only a tantalizing description of what can be tasted…

On an Enlightenment Intensive you are invited to ‘taste’ and ‘devour’ the Real Meal.

There is no menu to read over and intellectualize about – no second hand descriptions – only the real life work of plunging into the depth of “Truth”, with the intent to eat from the plate of Real, First Hand Experience.

The Enlightenment Intensive calls to that part of you which yearns for, and intuits, the reality that there can be a total and deep fulfillment.

For thousands of years there have been a few individuals from all cultures who have wondered “What is the meaning of it all?”

This quest for ‘There’s gotta be more than this!?’ has been going on since the beginning of time. You may have experienced the spectrum of life’s highs and lows – somehow being drawn inward to find more depth and meaning.

Then it may dawn on you, either gradually or suddenly, that “There must be more to this life?” than following the status quo. There must be more to the “Dream” sold to us by society, religion, parents, and ingrained institutions.

Even those who’s worldly success is considered formidable by others gradually come to feel the nagging hollowness and short lived ‘high’ that comes from attaining their outward successes.

Enlightenment is something that is not describable by words or emotions… only pointed to by sacred scripture, teachers and holy books.

This “Enlightenment” cannot be gained or grasped by the intellect.

And, It cannot be earned by penance.

It is a moment of Union with Truth, the Absolute Truth of your inquiry.

It is beyond all thought, feelings or vision.

It is “Knowing” without a “how” that is granted by Grace itself.

All you can do is to practice for Enlightenment Readiness.

It has been said that Enlightenment is an accident and that diligent practice only makes you “accident-prone”!

The Enlightenment Intensive is a tremendously powerful event in which a high percentage of individuals have a true and direct realization of the Truth.Unencumbered by philosophy, dogma, prior conditioning, or knowledge.

The Enlightenment Intensive is extremely powerful for new seekers of Truth as well as veteran ‘seekers’ and ‘finders’. No meditation experience is necessary. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, this workshop will allow you to greatly increase and deepen your potential for a direct experience of Truth.

Any other growth work you do will be greatly enhanced because you have a ground of being rooted in reality. When you allow yourself to ’empty your cup’, the possibility of “Depth” to be had is infinite.

People have learned:

• How to focus their intent in a profound and powerful way
• How to achieve a quiet, peaceful mind in the midst of everyday chaos
• How to experience the opening of their heart when everything else seems to try to close it
• How to experience great compassion for each other and/or all living things
• How to love themselves more than they ever have
• How to experience a sense of profound ease with self

Benefits participants have received:

• The ability to be open to whatever occurs for you in each moment, without judgement
• Developing a tremendous spiritual practice of self-acceptance
• Honest communication with others
• Discovering that they are just fine, no matter what their current experiences happen to be
• They began to live life more and more from that profound awareness of “Truth”
• A deep and lasting sense of relief in everyday life
• A tremendous surge of life energy
• Directly experiencing Who and What You Are?
• Working through their own fear of emotion, pain and/or death
• Keys to breaking through all the barriers encountered on the way to the Enlightenment experience

As you can see, this workshop is having a profound impact on people’s lives and relationships in very positive ways. If you fully participate in this workshop I can guarantee you too will experience similar lasting results!

Greg Clowminzer is Zen Coach a self-realized spiritual teacher and life success coach who has been studying and practicing not only martial arts and meditation but also shamanic healing arts, tantra, humanistic psychology, yoga, life coaching, and other spiritual and esoteric traditions from around the world for the last 20 years – and by now should know to keep his mouth shut – but has too much information he wantsto share with you in order to transform you into a total master of living alife of true happiness – one that you can operate effectively in a cool and sexy way in today’s modern world.

Greg lives just north of San Diego, CA and is founder of zencoach.com which coaches and consults withindividuals and groups, helping them awaken to a greater purpose and meaning intheir personal and professional lives. Greg use a blend of eastern and western views as a means of introducing people to the untapped potential of the human spirit.


Enlightenment Intensives are offered several times each year. To be notified of upcoming events please SUBMIT your information below.  For immediate assistance call 760-930-9604.