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Success: You’re Not Alone

Somewhere on your road to success, you’ll begin to understand that you are really never alone.  There are amazing sources of strength and help everywhere you look—you just have to use them.  You’ll have to look to find them and then know how to use them, but it beats the heck out of not having them at all! Read more

Google Alerts Lets You Know Who’s Talking About You

If you are not familiar with Google Alerts I would highly recommend checking it out. You can be notified about any information moving around on the web. For example I have Google Alerts set for my name Greg Clowminzer and it tells me if there is anything on the web being posted with my name in it.

I was alerted that a past client of mine was talking about their experience of something we talked about years ago. What I had shared with him was about establishing boundaries and fully communicating what is arising for you in your relation to others. Along with a series of steps to help with the practice of communicating what IS and IS not OK in to say or do in your personal space. Read more