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99 Ways To Get More Clients Now!

Full PracticeBusiness owners, professional and entrepreneurs are often wondering what can I do to get more clients now. Well here is a list of ideas to get you started.

Do at least 25 of these.

1. Give your service away.
2. Give your services away to three clients who can get you all the clients you need.
3. Lead a workshop for your current clients and don’t charge them for it.
4. Lead a workshop for your friends, clients, prospects and the public for very affordale tuition.
5. Ask five key clients for five referrals each.
6. Host a weekly luncheon or monthly party.
7. Tell clients that their referrals are one of the ways you are paid.
8. Join three clubs or organizations where your ideal clients would likely be members.
9. Deliver a measurable 20% more than what your average client expects.
10. Open an office that inspires you to do your best work.
11. Offer to help three people in trouble who cannot afford your fee.
12. Become a known resource by having or getting to know 50 highly qualified people who
provide services that your ideal clients need.
13. Orient at least 25% of your business around your special gift.
14. Host gatherings of your competitors.
15. Train your clients how to speak about you.
16. Become known as unconditionally constructive.
17. Write an article on something new in your profession.
18. Mentor an apprentice in your profession.
19. Hire an appointment setter.
20. Know and articulate your three basic messages.
21. Tell people the 10 thing that you want for them.
22. Set your business practice standards high and honor them.
23. Clean out your closets.
24. Send out a monthly newsletter.
25. Speak to groups at least once per week.
26. Send birthday and holiday cards (look into send out cards).
28. Write a book that breaks the rules.
29. Send “request letters” to colleagues.
30. Become known for three special things, but deliver all you can.
31. Invest 10% of your revenue in training, coaching and development.
32. Dress better.
33. Be a professional.
34. Know what you are attached to and get released.
35. Know your vision and be able to share it.
36. Establish yourself as a center of influence.
37. Deepen your relationship with 10 centers of influence.
38. Make your clients and others right even when they aren’t because they are.
39. Raise your fees.
40. Get your personal needs met outside of work.
41. Give the right gift for each referral.
42. Master the skill of converting leads to clients.
43. Immediately acknowledge a referral.
44. Do not offer your business card; rather ask for permission to call.
45. Get clear how much business is enough.
46. Ask, don’t plead, for more business but do ask.
47. Be interested, not interesting.
48. Under promise, but get the client anyway.
49. Package your materials to stun people.
50. Have something worthwhile to say.
52. Have referrals call you; don’t chase them.
53. Acknowledge others don’t compliment them.
54. Do more work for current clients.
55. Know what services you cannot or will not offer.
56. Expect a lot from your clients.
57. Package your services to create an annuity stream that pays you forever.
58. Upgrade your clientele.
59. Drastically cut business and personal expenses to be 25% profitable right now!
60. Be coached.
61. Speak benefits, not features.
62. Speak from the “you”, not the “I”.
63. Take the initiative. Don’t wait.
64. Don’t gossip.
65. Put the relationship ahead of the result.
66. Establish a value on your time. No more errands.
67. Don’t hide behind a brochure or website.
68. Advance your profession.
69. Take a vacation each quarter.
70. Have something to look forward to each evening.
71. Be straightforward, but don’t spill your guts.
72. Offer to help when you can do so without such help “costing” you.
73. Know exactly what you can do for others and let them know it!
74. Invite key people out.
75. Tell people what you want them to do.
76. Disqualify prospects.
77. Take rejection like an angel.
78. Be fully caught up.
79. Have time slots open, blank files prepared and be ready for business.
80. Decide to embrace attraction marketing versus promotion-based.
81. Align your goals with your values.
82. Find out why people have not been referring to you.
83. Make a list of your top 10 clients and who sent them to you: the referral tree.
84. Introduce yourself in 10 words or less.
85. Know what would make you irresistible to your ideal clientele.
86. Serve, don’t sell.
87. Cut out the distractions.
88. Identify the 20% who can get you the 80%.
89. Believe in the work you do.
90. Be responsible for how you are heard, not just what you say.
91. Dress well even when you don’t have to.
92. Deliver the message; let people self-select.
93. Fully inform, don’t hold back from your clients.
94. Have a self-introduction that engages people.
95. Meet with your mastermind team or advisory board weekly.
96. Write at least one thank you or acknowledgment per day.
97. Be more interested than interesting.
98. Value your time at $100 – $300 per hour.
99. Make one unscheduled call to a client each day.

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  1. Brian says:

    “98. Value your time at $100 – $300 per hour.”

    “72. Offer to help when you can do so without such help “costing” you.”

    Worth keeping in mind.

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