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Living Truth – Conversations That Change Lives

What Would Life BE Without Friends?

Living Truth – is also known as Tuesday Night Group and would be best defined as a spiritual community.

We all long to be part of something greater than ourselves. Yet, left on our own it is easy to fool ourselves and the people around us. Participating in spiritual community is how we deepen our understanding of who we are and what is really TRUE for us.

I have had the honor of hosting weekly gatherings for many years. The things that I have learned and the many people I have meet along the way have been life changing. I went through a series of personal awakenings in the early 90’s followed by a growing interest of people wanting to learn from me. I became recognized as spiritual madman who was able to create massive movement in people’s lives. What happened shortly there after was both exhilarating and frightening. Almost over night I become a self-realized spiritual teacher. I became passionate about helping others heal, wake up, and break free of their years of conditioning. My passion for helping people opened Pandora’s box.  It seems that most individuals actually wanted to remain little children and idolize me as their holy daddy instead of taking full responsibility for their life. As much as I tried to lead them to their own inner wisdom and be their own inner guru, they continued to seek my advice for decisions and actions to take in their life.  Learning how to deal with this student-teacher dynamic was both  my greatest challenge and biggest gift.

After 9 years of teaching and leading groups, I needed to step back from everything and re-examine what worked and what didn’t work and come up with new ways of working with people. I spent 3 years contemplating my previous 9 years, and now spend Tuesday evenings sharing what I have learned. I feel that a ripening has taken place within me and a renewed passion for being with others in the world.

Today, Living Truth is a refuge for seekers, a safe and loving environment to reconnect with yourself, others and the divine.

Each evening has it’s own unique flavor which may include meditation, dyads, dharma talks, life coaching, guide imagery, spontaneous wisdom teachings,  group exercises and more.

It is a spiritual community which is defined by each member’s willingness to embrace truth teachings and spiritual practices.

I hope you will join us sometime.

In love and service,



If you would like to join us one evening please SUBMIT your information below and you will be sent an invitation with time, dates and location. For immediate assistance call 760-930-9604.

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  1. mike gerstein says:

    Thursday nights give me two things – first, some time to think about my life and how I am living it, and more importantly, continues to teach me real life tools I use every day in my marriage, in Fatherhood and in my job. And, it’s so much fun……….

  2. Hi Greg,

    Yes. The Thursday night events are amazing and life changing. Each one is totally unique.

    My only suggestion is that you record the parts of the evening where you are speaking. These recordings could empower people all over the world.

    With appreciation,
    Jim Kitzmiller

  3. Chanel Gomez says:

    I cannot express how much appreciation I have for this Thursday night group with Greg. It is so easy to get caught up with the insanity of everyday life. This group helps me take the focus off the insanity and find my inner peace.

    I enjoy that every week is different and interesting. I love learning about new people and finding the common ground we share. The entire experience is extremely rewarding.


  4. Kim says:

    Thursday nights with Greg is one of the best ways to restore, connect and get grounded in the midst of a hectic life. Greg presents concepts, spiritual practices and perspectives that help me grow spiritually, personally and professionally. I find myself sharing and using what I have learned with friends, family and my own clients. And I love that everyone in the group shares their wisdom. It’s truly a spiritual community.

  5. Carol says:

    Group helps to keep me anchored to living life with integrity and purpose. By using the various practices and ideas that are shared, my life has been enriched both spiritually and personally. I feel more connected with all I undertake whether it’s being with others, taking on any kind of project, or just being.
    The people who meet on Thursday nights are amazing and I can’t praise Greg enough for the extent of his wisdom and for his ability to help us become better people. Greg is a true spiritual teacher and I feel so grateful for being a participant in this spiritual community.

  6. Dean says:

    Thursday Group has been absolutly life changing for me. Every time I go I feel like I have grown 10 years wiser. Greg is a Master at helping people slow down and realize the simple blocks that hold us back and the simple truths that bring us joy. I have literally been around the world, studied business/psychology/religion on a college level, worked with 90+ year old masters: I would put Thursday groups on the same playing field as these with the impact it has in my life.

  7. Thursday Group is a special time where I’m able to drown out the noise of my daily life and concentrate within via Greg’s spiritual leadership. I never know what to expect going into a Thursday night, but I do know that I will walk away with a bit of knowledge or insight that will help me on life’s journey. –Mario

  8. Margaret says:

    I just had to share…this morning two of my employees got into a VERY heated (yelling) situation. This is how I walked into the clinic. Once they calmed down, I brought them both into my office and found out through a lot of “story” that is was a misunderstanding involving how one employee thought they were “HELPING” the other employee. I was able to dissolve and diffuse the situation because of last Thursday’s group and the talk about what is HELP. Thank you. Just thought I would pass it on. See you tomorrow!!!

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