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Empower The Entrepreneur In You

This post is a recap of some of the ideas I presented at a workshop for business owners and entrepreneurs sponsored by Accion San Diego. The following video is the power point presentation from that event.

For a long time I have struggled with what seems to be two opposing forces. One being the nature of business and how to make money and the awakening of my spiritually. It wasn’t until I started reading Michael Gerber’s book titled Awakening the Entrepreneur Within that I was finally able to reconcile both worlds. If fact there wasn’t even a need to reconcile these two paths because they were so similar and dealt with many of the same issues that I have experienced personally.

My philosophy for life is easily distilled down to this. Business, relationships and life are our teacher. Let me say it this way I believe that life is our greatest teacher. My purpose in life is to grow and evolve into my full potential. Which in most cases means learning how to eliminate things or let go of things rather than trying to get more of something. With that said, my view of business is really an opportunity to grow and evolve as a human being through some very predictable stage that are also similar to the path or evolution of consciousness.

Okay let me explain how I see life and how that translates or parallels to business. It all begins with an individuals idea that we are some how separate from everything. And then you start going about your life from that assumption as if it where true. What that looks like is I have to look out for me. My faith and trust is solely invested into my own abilities. Therefore I don’t really trust anyone or anything greater than myself at which point I have made a decision to separate myself from the whole of humanity and now must do everything on my own. Hum! Sounds a lot like most entrepreneurs. Right! The ultimate lone ranger.

One of the very sad things I have notice particularly now in the midst of a very challenging economy is people are tiered. As more and more businesses fail and corporate layoffs increase people are down and very discouraged. Best business practiced that once worked in a robust economy are complete and utter failure. As the economy shifts what follows are huge layoff and people reeling in mass confusion as the scramble to reinvent themselves.

Some see this a tremendous opportunity while others believe it is the beginning of the end. As people start to seek out new opportunities based on there past experiences the challenges of not finding suitable work stirs images of the American Dream of perhaps owning my own business. It is often in the ashes of such despair that the entrepreneur is born.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your comments below.

Your Partner In Success,

Greg Clowminzer



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