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Empower The Entrepreneur In You

This post is a recap of some of the ideas I presented at a workshop for business owners and entrepreneurs sponsored by Accion San Diego. The following video is the power point presentation from that event.

For a long time I have struggled with what seems to be two opposing forces. One being the nature of business and how to make money and the awakening of my spiritually. It wasn’t until I started Read more

Awakening The Entrepreneur In You

How To Put The Passion Back Into Your Business

Sponsored by ACCION San Diego

Presented by Greg Clowminzer

Six million new businesses are started every year and 90% fail within two years. “Just because you love what you do-doesn’t mean you are an entrepreneur. Growing as an entrepreneur goes far beyond personal growth. “If you open up and awaken to the Creator within, your world is transformed.” Greg calls this Conscious Entrepreneurship, meaning that you have to make your vision BIGGER than earning a living and paying bills. Read more

Key Distinctions for Entrepreneurs to Get

Work on business versus work in business
This is Michael Gerber’s distinction (from The E-Myth). Basically, it means that entrepreneurs are wise to not just work in their business, but that the real money and success comes from working on their business. They’re working in their business when they’re thinking like an employee, doing tasks that they can do but that others should be doing, being busy bees, working really hard, etc. Read more