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Practicing the Mindfulness Communication Technique (MCT)

The Mindfulness Communication Technique (MCT) is based on the execution of completed communication cycles.

Communication cycles are nothing new and have been around for long time. A completed communication cycle is what makes the MCT so powerful. MCT’s are basically a formal way of communicating and relating, so that these communication cycles can come to completion. With each completed communication cycle the mind is quieted. When the mind is clear, the mind is at peace and when the mind is at peace the world is at peace too. Read more

Mindfulness Communication Technique

What is the Mindfulness Communication Technique?

The MCT technique looks simple enough with two people sitting in chairs or on pillows on the floor facing each other a few feet apart. The practice can be difficult to achieve. It is not a conversation or social encounter. The MCT practice is a process of completing communication cycles and listening without judgment. The listening partner must try to remain neutral so that the active partner is left free to be either positive or negative. They need this relationship freedom to reclaim their natural internal freedom – to help them discover their own truth and tap into their own inner wisdom. Read more

Video Marketing – A Must or Bust For 2013?

youtube-marketingSeveral people have asked me questions about online marketing and specifically about video marketing. Well, instead of me creating my own program, my good friends Lewis Howes and James Wedmore have put together a very special video revealing exactly how to get massive results with YouTube.

Watch Video Now! Read more